Walk Away from Your Business for a Lifestyle of Dreams

Here are six tips for designing and implementing business strategies and systems that work – and earn more money – while their owners enjoy living out their dreams.
Smart business owners are always focused on profit. Without profit margins – regardless of how many sales transactions there are or how much the gross revenue increases – every business will eventually run itself into the ground. But intelligent entrepreneurs also understand that the key to overall success is to combine a profit-making strategy with a vision of personal fulfillment.

1) Spend More Time Dreaming Instead of Doing
The vast majority of entrepreneurs desire to have their own business because they hanker for personal freedom in one form or another. They want the freedom to set their own schedules, write their own paychecks, implement their own ideas, spend more time with family and friends, and do the things that they enjoy most in life. But once they get their shot at freedom through the ownership of a business, too many entrepreneurs find that they gradually  become ensnared by their work and ownership responsibilities and instead of experiencing greater freedom, they feel trapped. Rather than getting more free hours and days, they have significantly less time for themselves.

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