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ProfitCLUB is group coaching at its best!

What is ProfitCLUB?

ProfitCLUB is a group of local business owners committed to growing their businesses. With a maximum of 15 members, each seat is occupied by a valued member of the group, both learning and also sharing knowledge and experience. Business Coach Rob Pickering leads the group and provides a mixture of teaching and facilitation. Each member agrees to confidentiality and commitment to the group.

What’s included in ProfitCLUB?

  • ProfitCLUB attendance twice a month (24 visits per annum)
  • Discounted member rates for other workshops we run
  • One-to-one support from a Business Coach
  • Business tools and templates
  • Practical learning in the key areas of: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Delegation, Team and Planning 

How will you benefit?

Of course we expect you to enjoy ProfitCLUB and gain motivation and inspiration, but it must be a good investment too. When you apply to join ProfitCLUB you’ll be asked to assess the opportunity and consider whether it will generate more than the investment you’ll make. Like any investment, you should only proceed if it makes sound financial sense!

Let’s get some of the excuses out of the way

  1. We’re doing OK - Great!! But you can do so much better. Joining ProfitCLUB is the step that will make a measurable difference.
  2. I‘m too busy - Of course you are. But are you busy running in circles day after day, year after year? Time to break the cycle!
  3. I can't afford help - This is precisely why you need help. It’s catch-22. To accelerate growth you need help, but you can’t get help without investing… hoping and wishing are not a strategy!
  4. I don’t need a coach - No one reaches their full potential without coaching and mentoring, and certainly not as quickly.
  5. I’ll definitely do it, but not just yet – Before I start I just need to ______________________. (insert reason).

Don’t be one of these people, the right time doesn’t just happen. Take action now!

Interested in joining ProfitCLUB?

We currently run one local group in Goring. Other groups run all round the UK, indeed all round the world (we're currently operating in 50 countries). Ideally you'll be located within about half an hour's travel, otherwise contact us and we'll help you locate a more local group.

Let's be straight - we only want you to become a member if this is right for you - meaning that you'll enjoy and benefit from the group environment, but more importantly that you will make more incremental profit as a result of this than you will spend. But how will you know? Feel free to fill out our contact form or just give us a call to discuss it and we'll advise you. Or you can go straight to booking to attend a session. Your first session is on us - no charge at all. It's important to us that you check it out for yourself, before you decide if ongoing membership is for you. 

See forthcoming ProfitCLUB events

If you think you'd rather have a general introduction to what we do and how you could grow your business, a better starting point is one of our "5-Ways to Grow Your Business" seminars that we typically run every 6-10 weeks throughout the year. It's free to attend and we get some seriously good feedback. It helps that people have a pretty low expectation of an event that's free - "after all..." people comment "if it was really good then you'd charge for it!". And we could charge, come and see for yourself.

See forthcoming 5-Ways events

Business can feel tough sometimes... Whatever you decide, we hope you'll take action by allowing someone to help you grow your business.